Kathy Hart Bado

Owner and Founder of The Wedding Factor


Stacey Veeraraj

Kathy’s Sister and Partner

about kathy hart bado

Kathy Hart Bado is owner and founder of The Wedding Factor. She has always loved the creative process (she was a music major in college), and has consistently gravitated towards anything requiring design and/or composition. So, when the opportunity came to plan her own daughter’s wedding, she embraced it and suddenly realized that taking part in wedding design touched an emotional part of her she had definitely not anticipated. She drew upon resources not previously tapped into and found that it gave her great satisfaction to see her daughter’s vision become reality. She also realized that this gift should be shared, so she became certified in wedding planning and consulting from Temple University, and made her own dream a reality.

Kathy especially loves helping couples to establish a signature theme, unique to them alone, which makes the entire design process almost effortless and much more productive. Her focus is the couple themselves, not on just tradition or the latest trend. This is the key to an original, inspired experience.

She has worked with some of the best Philadelphia event planners and professional partners, along with her own clients. The Wedding Factor is the result of her sincere desire to help couples achieve the “out of the ordinary” wedding day they envision.

In addition, because she was born in Jamaica, Kathy’s intimate understanding of the island and culture inspired her to develop the Jamaican Destination Wedding, a full-service package offered by The Wedding Factor.

Kathy has most recently served on the board of The Society of Wedding Planners as Vice President of Education.

Phone: 267-861-0409

Email: [email protected]

about stacey veeraraj

Stacey Veeraraj, Kathy’s sister and partner, specializes in organization. She makes sure each client clearly understands all expenditures related to the planning process. With 20 plus years of management experience, over 10 years of wedding planning experience, plus bridal retail, she is extremely efficient when it comes to developing new ideas and special services that are unique to our industry. She also specializes in Day Of Coordination packages with her highly skilled Wedding Factor team members.

Stacey can competently alleviate the stress related to wedding planning, as well as suggest creative, insightful ideas to establish a smooth transition from engagement to wedding day. She is skilled in assisting clients who find this time period especially difficult.

Phone: 267-861-0409

Email: [email protected]

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